Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Baby Boomers Turning 60 ©

Baby Boomers Turning 60 ©
by Shirley W. Mitchell

With the first of the baby boomers now turning 60, some are looking forward to retirement, while others are trying to decide what they plan to do when they grow up. Life is truly inexhaustible, even beguiling. Each of us looks at life through windows of our own choosing. Sixty-something is the buzz word as many baby boomers are sixty, fit, and sensational. The practice of personal excellence for superior living is their motto. Fitness gives top priority to good health habits, high self-esteem, and empowerment.

Aging is constant change like waves of the sea. The waves of change can be exciting, magical, and fruitful as we focus on the positive side of change. Age may become a building dance of intrigue and new horizons. Aging during what Dr. Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D., calls the "AGE WAVE," is a high-sea adventure. Sixty years on the sea of life buoy us up with experience and strength, so we can welcome - and weather - this next decade.

I'm delighted to explore these seas of change together, to anticipate the deep-sea treasures before us. The possibilities of diminishing family responsibilities gives time and energy for discovering and following our bliss, our passion, to reach toward our creative peak.  Thoughts of retirement add to the expectation and hope of activities we have always dreamed about doing.  Many exciting prospects loom.

Are the storms of aging producing sky-high waves from the sea of life, waves that threaten to capsize you?  Such was the case for my friend and mentor, Kathleen Garrett. My petite, charming, high school home economics teacher and I were having lunch at a local restaurant.  Looking at her across the table, I knew she had been experiencing health problems. "How are you feeling? I asked. "You look great!" As we ate, she shared her secret with me. "My doctor at Mayo Clinic gave me a unique prescription," she said, her eyes twinkling. I must have looked puzzled, because she continued, "He advised me to enhance the quality of my life by getting out of bed each morning and saying, "make each day a holiday and each minute a banquet!"

A new day is dawning for the women who are 60 and over. Let your heart be encouraged. When the storms of life hit you - and they will slap the sides of your boat, splashing into your life - never waver, pray for sea legs, and hold onto the captain's wheel. Jesus is the One who quiets the sea, who bids the storms to hush. Stand firm in Him and His power! During our golden, graying years we must keep moving from life to life, watching for the sunrise even in the darkest night, waiting for the calm that comes, inevitably, after the storm.

Heaven is the only certainty for our future. Life on this earth is fragile as a flower. The darkness and despair will wilt it.  The sunshine of joy will make it bloom. Though the nighttime is dark, the sun rises each morning with healing wings.